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8 March 2017
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4 January 2017

Trademark Monitoring Service in Turkey

In order the trademark of a company to be protected nationally in Turkey and globally, the Trademark Watch Service should be performed perfectly. A trademark should be defended against imitators continuously and rigidly. Therefore, it is possible to watch, report and object to the trademark applications to be filed in Turkey and other countries. ( in the same or similar industries with the trademark of a client )

Etiket Patent detects trademark applications which are similar with the trademark of the client and reports to the client. Preparation of the objections against the trademarks to be objected are the services to be performed by Etiket Patent. Also, its delivery to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and watching the objection are the services of Etiket Patent.

We can watch your trademarks with low prices with our professional vision against similar trademark applications.

This service detects similar applications to your trademark registration by another people or companies. So you can have a chance to rejection of similar application with an opposition.

There are nearly 120.000 trademark applications in Turkey every year. So the TrademarkWatch Service is an important to your trademark’s protection after registration.

You can control that is there any similar applications to your registered trademark at the official website of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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