trademark registration in turkey
Trademark Registration in Türkiye
4 January 2017

WIPO Oppositions in Turkey

Any interested party may oppose a trademark application during the two months period of its publication. So you may live WIPO oppositions in Turkey.

The Office’s Appeal Board, namely Re-examination and Evaluation Board, is directly responsible for the opposition cases. They don’t issue an official letter to the applicant informing the opposition but decides by its own initiative within generally 2-4 months.

Decision of the Appeal board is final and may only be appealed before the Turkish IP court in Ankara.

About WIPO trademark applications in Turkey; if any interested party may oppose a WIPO trademark application during the two months period of its publication, Turkish Patent and Trademark Office doesn’t send a notification to WIPO. So it’s not possible to learn for the applicant.
At this point, Etiket Patent monitors the WIPO applications. If there is an opposition to WIPO trademark application, Etiket sends a notification to the applicant for defending the trademark application against the opposition.
There is a one month time to prepare a response file against the opposition. And, it’s highly advised to give a response within 20 days. 

You can control that is there any opposition to your trademark application at the official website of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

If you have a WIPO trademark application in Turkey, you can contact us for watching your application process for free.


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