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Etiket IP is an intellectual property company for trademark registration in international area. We are providing our clients with our partner certified trademark attorneys in United Arab Emirates.

United Arab Emirates has seven emirates: Abu Dhabi (which serves as the capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Trademark registration will be valid in 7 emirates. We commit you good prices and quality attorneyship since 2010. Etiket Intellectual Property files hundreds of trademark applications in international area every year.

Schedule Of Fees in  UAE- 2019

Type of ServiceTotal USD (No secret fees)Description
Trademark Search290 
Trademark application for 1 class


( Best Price Guarantee )

Including all application and publication fees, our charges, translation & taxes.
Registration Fee2.990Including all registration, shipment & VAT.To be invoiced after the publication. (Nearly 3-6 months later)


Calculation of Registration Costs

Example 1: One mark one class
If you want to register your trademark in 1 class, the total fees for trademark application, publication, registration, translation, shipment, taxes are;


Example 2: One mark two classes
If you want to register your trademark in 2 classes, the total fees for trademark application, publication, registration, translation, shipment, taxes are;


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General information about trademark registration in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

DURATION: 10 years from filing date.
CLASSIFICATION: International (goods & services); Goods of international class 33 & “beer, ale and porter” in class 32 are not applicable. Separate application is required for each class.
OPPOSITION: Before registration within 90 days from publication in the Official Gazette, general power of attorney is sufficient for continuous application;
RENEWAL: Hegira years (9 years + 8 months) from filing date, with no grace period.
TIME FRAME: 6 to 9 months in the normal course.


– Power of Attorney duly legalized up to the consulate of UAE at the applicant’s end.
– Simple copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.
– Logo of the brand and specification


-Initial Payment – must be paid full in advance.

-Power of attorney cost shall be paid by the applicant.

-Final Payment – to be invoiced after the publication.

-Once the Trademark is registered, such registration will be protected for ten (10) years. After ten (10) years, the client has the choice to apply for the renewal. 


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